The Company

Asif LPG is a forthcoming and one of a leading LPG company in near future and our aim is to provide clean and cheap Gas including delivering to the doorstep of our prospective valuables customers. Our LPG will be available for Domestic households, small and medium industries. We are taking initiative and the company will also facilitate by using our Plant Storages, Bottling, Marketing, Handling, and Transportation services We will be providing clean and affordable energy to its surroundings.
We will take initiative and cover with a base of city Jhelum and including 6 cities Jhelum Urban area, Sarai Alamgir, Dina, Mirpur, Muzafarabad, Islamabad and extended area’s, Our aim that our distributor will be able to serve and provide services by up to 10,000 plus customers.
With its dedicated formation of LPG Distributors, road transport, a growing cylinder infrastructure, commitment to quality products and focus on safety, ASIF LPG will be the preferred LPG supplier for individuals and businesses alike.


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Our Management

Management of Asif LPG consists of professionals who have vast and rich experience in the LPG industry.

Muhammad Asif, CEO Asif LPG, ACCA from UK & DPSI in law (UK)He has worked closely with other LPG marketing companies and has been actively involved in business and law since 2001. He has also attended several seminars and been a part of international forums about the growing need for the LPG Industry worldwide. Vowing to promote efficient energy, he is working tirelessly with his team of diligent workers to make Asif LPG, a leading LPG distributor in Pakistan by adopting modern technologies and Techniques.