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His art was bold, intelligent, witty and beautiful, but also capable of inspiring bold change. The lady, uninterrupted in her own chatter, had not discovered that this witty gentleman was stupid! Sometimes, as Mathews recalls, she was witty and joyfully impulsive, but she could raise her sons with nothing more than a life of hand to mouth and constant moves around the house. They are differently noisy, meditative, dramatic, funny, sexy, burning and elegiac. Although talkative and often funny, his meandering phrases become increasingly unpredictable as they develop. These texts are a treat that mixes concrete facts with witty and fascinating information about the science behind an object and its context. But Poehler is and has been just as good throughout his show: just as stupid, just as crazy, just as funny. A key feature of the joke is that it often takes a second to understand it. A funny remark is one that goes over people`s heads at first, but then understands it (and laughs at it) after a few moments. A funny remark is a kind of mental time bomb that only explodes when it has been treated a little. The joke is therefore a subjective trait – for some people, a line is immediately understood and therefore not very funny (although it can still be funny or clever). But other people may hear the same line and need to process it for a while before getting it. For them, the line would be funny. She used to speak wittily, the company of ministers, and her cook was a celebrity.

The wit is often sarcastic – that is, the speaker says the opposite of what he wants to say, but dry or sharp. For example, Dr. House of House always makes such remarks about his patients and staff. In one episode, he defends his unorthodox actions by saying, “I take risks, sometimes patients die. But not taking risks causes more patients to die, so I think my biggest problem is that I was cursed with the ability to do the math. This phrase is certainly sarcastic – whether funny or not is open to interpretation as it is very easy to understand and probably won`t take very long to “land”. For “Frasier,” pompous but adorable, witty, opera-loving and two-time divorced psychiatrist Frasier Crane moved to Seattle. Almost every episode of Firefly has a spiritual remark from Captain Malcolm Reynolds. This refers to the Battle of Serenity, in which Captain Reynolds was on the losing side. However, he is still proud to have fought for the independents, and in this witty remark, he refuses to acknowledge that he was on the wrong side. Spirit is one of the defining characteristics of James Bond (and many other characters) in every Bond film. In particular, the character Q, who gives his gadgets to Bond, is famous for his funny lines.

In The World is Not Enough, Q even makes a witty remark about this attribute of movies! When he first met Bond, he said he was the most fun at lunch, bubbling with jokes and jokes. Which will give us a completely different image of Colonel Parker than most people, because the letters are so eloquent, so funny, so intelligent and so fascinating. At best, combat raps can be very funny. These competitions are an opportunity for people to show their ability to put words and rhythm together in the blink of an eye, but they also often involve insults to the opponent. Sometimes these insults are obvious and uncreative, but sometimes they are very revealing and memorable. In these cases, the rapper shows a high level of spirit. William Shakespeare was considered extremely witty in his time, although some of the humor cannot be transferred very well to a modern reader. Nevertheless, we can easily see the intelligence of such lines and see that they share the quality of the “delayed reaction” that all fun lines have.

Readers need a moment to understand what Shakespeare means by “cowards die many times before they die.” A funny remark is smart and funny and just the right timing. If you make such a remark, you are also considered spiritual. Like other forms of humor, the joke is just fun to read. We tend to admire the spirit and find it charming, so spirit is a great trait for a hero – it shows that he/she is not only a brave fighter, but also has a strong spirit. Also, this emphasis on humor can help show how level-headed the hero is in the face of danger. Where many of us would panic or flee, heroes assert themselves; And not only that, but they also have the presence of mind to make a spiritual remark at the same time. “If I want a maid, I`ll please mysel,” a statement that everyone present seemed to find very witty. Add humor to one of your lists below or create a new one. The adjective spiritual can be used to describe those quick and amusing little remarks that often show vivid and biting humor delivered in a playful way. Funny usually describes things that are fun at the drop of a hat, rather than elaborate or carefully planned remarks in advance. This adjective is usually used in a complementary way, but like its cousin intelligently, it can be used sarcastically, as someone who doesn`t appreciate your sentences by saying, “Well, aren`t we funny today.” As the two main characters head towards sunset, they exchange a series of humorous stitches to minimize their situation and make each other laugh.

This witty back and forth, called joke or wit, is often used in movies to show that two characters are intelligent and personally close. Of course, alertness is also important in real life, as friends often talk to each other this way. Word play is a broad term that can include any type of play with language for humor and fun. Obviously, this broad definition would also include many examples of jokes. However, puns usually refer to puns rather than the mind. A word game is a humorous game with the multiple meanings of a word. While a pun can be funny, it`s usually too easy to work that way, and in this article, none of the examples include puns. Ambrose Bierce wrote a book, The Devil`s Dictionary, which compiles all sorts of spiritual definitions.

For example, the book defines “congratulations” as “the courtesy of envy.” A witty servant was negotiating with a leading salesman in London for anything that could reach from ear to ear. The pop treasure chest of 16 songs ends excitingly with “New Romantics”, a stomper ready for the remix full of funny lyrics. But instead of a funny pop song, we have even more unhappiness to my pain from an overpaid and overly spoiled celebrity. The following story is probably the most frequently cited example of a joke: Winston Churchill was once at a party, apparently quite drunk, when he had an encounter with a high-class celebrity from another political party. The woman narrowed Churchill`s nose and said contemptuously, “You, sir, are drunk. Churchill, who did not miss a beat, replied in a dry voice: “You, madam, are ugly, and in the morning I will be sober. “Cowards die several times before they die; The brave never taste death, but once. (William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar) Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! The wit is a kind of biting or revealing humor. It includes abrupt returns, clever jokes, and dry one-line jokes. It is often cynical or offensive, which gives it its characteristic sharpness. “It`s hard to put a dog on a leash once you`ve put a crown on its head.” (George R.R.

Martin, Song of Ice and Fire) “It`s strange that you name your ship after a battle where you were on the wrong side.” “Ah, 007`s legendary joke – or at least half a joke.” Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. For the Spartan warriors of ancient Greece, mind was considered as important as physical ability. Young boys skillfully practiced insulting each other during their military training, and the funniest of them were often rewarded just as much as the strongest and bravest. In battle, the Spartans were known to outsmart and outsmart their opponents, as seen in the movie 300, where a Persian emissary threatened that a group of Spartan soldiers would be annihilated if they resisted the Persian army; “Our arrows,” he said, “will extinguish the sun. An unknown Spartan soldier reportedly smiled in response: “Good! Then we will fight in the shadows. There`s a lot of wit in George R. R. Martin`s Song of Ice and Fire, especially “The Imp,” Tyrion Lannister. In this line, Tyrion mocks his nephew, the psychopathic King Joffrey.