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Thank you very much for your comment, John. I am very happy to have been able to help you with your order. We can deliver the document in larger weights so that we can discuss it next time. Thanks again, Mike Our A2 paper is available in a weight selection from 90 g/m² to 310 g/m². Our selection includes both reams and cardboard boxes with A2 paper. Thus, you can order the amount that suits your home or workplace. Browse our range of paper rolls. Our selection of paper rolls includes cash register rolls and received paper in different sizes as well as thermal and non-thermal. This makes our range of paper rolls ideal for all pdq, till and EPOS machines. Shaw`s has been providing law firms with their specific stationery needs for over 250 years, and our current line of products designed specifically for the legal profession can be found here. is part of the MoneySuperMarket group, but is completely editorially independent. Their attitude of putting the consumer first is protected and enshrined in the legally binding editorial code.

The purchase was quite easy. The package arrived on time and the quality of the product was as expected. I desperately needed American letter-sized paper, which is very rare in the UK, and I found it at Octopus. Are you looking for a legal document in Indian format? Octopus provides several weights and many colors, but in India, legal paper can be green. A complete selection of paper notes to ensure smart and personalized documents. In our selection of papers you will find many different possibilities. These include eco-friendly options, different weights, different colors and sizes. Our eco-friendly options made from recycled materials that keep paper out of landfill and support your environmentally friendly policies and practices. Our collection includes a range of different paper weights ranging from 80 g/m² to 310 g/m². You can find a whole range of colors ideal for your art projects or for teaching.

Our paper has a range of different sizes, including A3, A4, A5 and more. In our collection you will find a variety of paper solutions ranging from copying papers to versatile papers. You will find a wide range of home and office paper products to meet all your needs, from stain-resistant copy variants for your inkjet paper printer to different colors of versatile paper types. By choosing the right paper, you can take control of your marketing messages, letters, and memos to create a professional and personalized look for your target audience. Copying paper and versatile papers are ideal for economy and efficiency, so you can order more than enough to store. Versatile papers eliminate the need to purchase many types of paper specific to your office machines, such as separate refill paper and photocopy paper, allowing you to maximize productivity. We offer specialized and durable paper options, including acid-free paper, ideal for archiving and storing documents for long periods of time. We also have thick cardstock that helps documents withstand heavy handling, and paper designed for quick ink drying, allowing quick and efficient handling of freshly printed documents and, most importantly, clear images and text. We offer many different packaging sizes, so you can buy in bulk according to your needs. Order your paper supplies now before they`re empty at home or in the office.

Order your paper online today to use Staples the next day and have your order delivered directly to your door or business address. Our standard Indian paper weighs 80 g/m², but we can also supply it in other grammages. The thinnest amount we provide is 60 g / m², which is only available in white. Other weights we can supply in green are 120g/m² and 160g/m². These thicknesses are only on special order, as it is not a stock line. Add vitality to your documents or paper templates with our selection of colored paper and color copy paper. Our colour paper is available in different sizes from 80 g/m² to 160 g/m². The standard weight of American paper is 80 g/m², but we also supply it in the thinnest 60 g/m² as well as in a 160 g/m² card. The 60g/m² paper is only available in white, while the 160g/m² card is available in all 5 pastel tones.