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If you have already divorced, the clerk may require proof of divorce, such as a divorce decree. This document proves that the divorce was legal and recognized. However, not all clerks will need such documentation. Divorce documents are usually only recently required, but you should contact the local clerk`s office to determine what documents are needed to obtain a marriage license. Make sure the employee is in the country where you want to get married. (a) To marry, a person must: Ga. Code Ann. § 19-3-2. Who can get married? need for emancipation; Minimum age for marriage No marriage may be contracted in this State on or after 1 January 1997. Otherwise valid marriages that took place before 1. This section of the Code is not affected by this section of the Code and continues to be recognized in this State. As traditional family values have evolved in recent decades, couples may no longer want to enter into a formal authorized marriage.

Instead, they can choose to live together and take on the same responsibilities and characteristics of traditional marriage – land ownership, children, etc. Incredibly, there is no official name for these types of relationships; Therefore, for the purposes of this section, we have effectively called it domestic partnerships, so as not to confuse it with domestic partnership in the act. When a couple wants to separate, various questions and concerns arise around this type of relationship. (3) The oldest party to the marriage contract may not be more than four years older than the youngest party to the marriage contract; and (a) It is declared that it is the public policy of this State to recognize only the union of men and women. Same-sex marriages are prohibited in the state. (b) Same-sex marriage is not recognized as a beneficiary of marriage. Any marriage contracted by persons of the same sex on the basis of a marriage certificate issued by another State or a foreign jurisdiction or otherwise shall be null and void in that State. Any contractual right granted under such license shall be unenforceable in the courts of that State, and in no event shall the courts of that State have jurisdiction to grant divorce or separate maintenance in respect of such marriage or otherwise to review or determine the respective rights of the parties arising out of or in connection with such marriage. (a) A marriage certificate shall be issued upon written application by the persons applying for the licence and verified by the oath of the applicants. The application must indicate that there are no legal impediments to marriage and must include the full current name of the proposed husband and the full current name of the proposed wife with her dates of birth, current addresses, and the names of each spouse`s father and mother, if known.

If the names of the father or mother are unknown, this must be indicated in the application. The application must indicate whether or not the persons applying for the permit may or may not have completed their prenuptial studies in accordance with section 19-3-30.1 of the Code. If the application indicates that applicants applying for the licence have completed their premarital studies, applicants must provide a signed and dated certificate of completion issued by the premarital education provider. (b) An application for supplementary marriage shall be drawn up at the same time as each marriage certificate. Except for the information referred to in subsection (3) of this subdivision, the report on the application for complementary marriage must be completed as part of any application for a marriage certificate. The post-marriage report must include at least the following: (1) each applicant`s full name, date of birth, and social security number; (2) The number of such marriages for each applicant; and (3) after the ceremonial ceremony, the date of the marriage and the country in which the marriage took place. A legal marriage in Georgia requires the following: (a) Any person who marries a person who knows he is related by blood or marriage, as follows: (1) father and daughter or daughter-in-law; (2) the mother and the son or son-in-law; (3) brother and sister of whole blood or half-blood; (4) grandparents and grandchildren; (5) his aunt and nephew; or (6) The uncle and niece shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than one year and not more than three years. (b) Marriages declared unlawful under subparagraph (a) of this article shall be null and void ab initio. The process of getting the marriage certificate itself is pretty straightforward in Georgia: essentially, you can apply for and get your license on the same day. Just make sure you`re prepared with the documents you need and read below for an overview of what to expect. A common-law marriage is not the same as a domestic partnership.

Some domestic partnerships are allowed under Georgian law, but these are mainly for same-sex couples. Some cities and counties allow people to sign up as domestic partners, but usually at least one person in the relationship must be an employee of that city or county. Common-law relationships have no such requirements. How long you have to wait or how quickly you have to get married depends a lot on the country where you want to get married. Each county can decide how long a marriage certificate is valid, with some choosing not to include an expiration at all. To find out how much time you have after obtaining the license, talk to the local county official.